How to Apply for a Nepal Tourist Visa

I've read so many blogs and am always surprised when they say that Nepal is one of their favorite countries. If applying for a Nepal tourist visa is any consolation, then I'm already in love. It may not be as easy as hopping off the plane and getting approved, but the paperwork is easy to find, understand, and process. Here is how to apply for a Nepalese Tourist Visa. Please note, this was written for a US citizen in December of 2016. Please check the Embassy of Nepal website for up to...

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How to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa

how to get a visa for myanmar

Paperwork has never been my strong suit, but having to apply for multiple visas has forced me to get my act together. Unlike the Indian visa that I wrote about previously, the Myanmar visa is a tad easier to apply for. Please note that this was written for a US citizen in December of 2016. You should check this website for updates.

Things to know

  • You can apply for a visa before leaving for your trip
  • Application is submitted through the...
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How to Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa

Visas may be my least favorite part of traveling. Prior to this trip, I've never visited a place where you needed to apply for a visa ahead of time. I could simply step off the plane and enter the country after answering, "Are you here for business or pleasure?" and "How long are you staying?" Finally, a stern worker would stamp my passport, and I'd be good to go. Visas in Asia are a tad harder to acquire. Here are some steps on how to get an Indian Visa. Please note this was written in...

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