Things to do in Tam Coc: The Hidden Gem of Vietnam

Tam Coc Vietnam - Trang An

When it comes to Northern Vietnam, it seems that Sapa has been deemed the most beautiful. Everyone I met said it was their favorite part of their trip. So it was a bit of a bummer when we arrived in Hanoi and heard it was pouring and freezing cold there. I'm a big believer in being flexible, so instead of going to Sapa and trying to have the same experience everyone else has there, we decided to spend more time in other places. Tam Coc had made our original itinerary, so we spent some extra...

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Trying Laughing Gas Balloons on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam

laughing gas balloons hanoi vietnam

I should start by stating that this post is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement of this activity. While I want to share my personal experience, there are risks and dangers involved with trying laughing gas balloons. Everyone should do their own research before making an informed decision on whether or not trying it is right for them.

I breathe in continuously as the nitrous oxide enters my lungs. I look up at Jim who is sitting across from me with a...

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3 Days & 2 Nights on a Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam 3 Day 2 Night Cruise

When it comes to travel in Southeast Asia, I always try to keep my expectations in check. Every once in awhile, that gets challenged. My friends, Lisi and Pat, flew out to Vietnam to spend my birthday with me, and we all decided to book a cruise on Halong Bay. We were shown an elaborate book with beautiful photos of the boat. The rooms looked like a fancy hotel on the water, the dining area vast, and the deck the perfect place to sit back and sunbathe. It was perfect. For $140 each, the...

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Which Travel Vaccines to get for Southeast Asia

I'd like to start by stating that I am by no means a doctor in any way shape or form but thought it might be helpful to provide some info on which travel vaccines I decided to get for a year long trip to 10 countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam). I chose the vaccines mentioned below based on my past vaccine history, research done on the CDC website, and consulting my doctor. Each person is...

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