How Much it Costs to Backpack in Northern Thailand

How much it costs to travel in Northern Thailand - Backpacking Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Bangkok

I’ve read so many blogs about what it costs to spend a day in Thailand. Some said $10 while others said $50 and I couldn’t really decide where that left me. How much should I budget? Where do I even start? Everyone has different spending habits and the person spending $50 a day seemed extravagant while the person claiming to spend $10 seemed a little out of my comfort zone.

I knew that once I traveled I wanted to write a really in-depth post about how much everything cost so that...

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8 Common Questions About Hostels Answered

Green Sleep Hostel Chiang Mai Thailand

Hostels are a funny thing. Once you’ve stayed in one, you wonder why you ever questioned them. But prior to that, you have at least one million questions. No joke, I’ve answered more questions about what it’s like to stay in a hostel than what it’s like to stay in a country. No judgment, I asked all the same questions about hostels too. So what is a hostel like? I can best describe it as a college dorm made for travelers. Here’s the answers to the questions I’ve been asked the...

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Everything you Need to Know About the Northern Train in Thailand

There are certain things that seem insanely daunting before you start backpacking. For me, one of those things was transportation. On a very limited budget, I’d be forced to take trains and buses everywhere. I never even conquered the New York City bus system and I lived there eight years. So how would I figure out public transportation in a foreign country in another language?!

Everywhere I looked online directed me to a timetable, but I never found much more information than that....

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Getting a Sak Yant Tattoo in Thailand

Deciding whether or not to get a Sak Yant

“I’m going to get a tattoo in Chiang Mai. I thought you should know.”

“You’re what? Why?”

“Oh, and a monks gunna do it…in a temple”


That’s how most of my conversations went before getting inked in Thailand. Well, except my sister. Her response was egging me on more than anything. In fact, she was the one who convinced me to...

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Everything You Need to Know When Visiting Thailand

Before leaving to visit Thailand, I did an insane amount of research. I read every blog I could find, and every article that was emailed to me. I read a 1,000 page informational guide on safety in the 10 countries I'd be visiting. Never has a person been more prepared than me in the moment before I left. If there was a common scam, I knew about it. If there was an area that wasn't safe, I researched it. Had there been a pop quiz on the plane, I would have aced it! Here's the highlights of...

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Exploring Thailands Second Longest Cave

My time in Pai has been, well, interesting. Arriving here is like stepping back in time. Women with dreads, kombucha on tap, and an array of vibrant color packed stores. In a country known for its modesty, the rules don't seem to apply here as westerners walk around in swimsuits, and oddly, the locals don't look appalled. Probably because the only locals here are business owners. It's as if I've entered California in the 70's or maybe Colorado in present times. My hostel is across from the...

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Little Humans Without Morals: The Monkeys of Lopburi

Lopburi... Gosh where to start. Lopburi was filled with an odd amount of excitement and overall confusion. My day started off fairly normal. I went to the train station and in true Thai custom it was running over an hour late. I spotted another backpacker (Jenny from Germany) close by and introduced myself. We were both headed to Lopburi and decided to team up. While waiting for the extremely late train we tried a weird dessert called roti-sai-mai, which I'm just now finding out from...

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Taking a Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

If you know me, you're probably already laughing at the title of this post. Let's get this part out of the way first... No, I didn't burn anything, and yes, it was edible (mostly). Before setting out on my trip, I decided it would be fun to try to take a cooking class in each country I visit. Learning about other cultures is a privilege, and I think the number one thing people think of with other cultures is food. It's something easy for us to experience and accessible in other parts of the...

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Walking with Elephants at Elephant Nature Park

My day started out in a blur. I'd mixed up my schedule, didn't set my alarm, and was barely moving around the room when the elephant tour came to pick me up. I sprinted out the door hair undone, teeth unbrushed, and shoes slipped on my feet in a rush. I did manage to grab a croissant on my way out the lobby, but there wasn't enough time for the fresh jam next to it. This was not how I'd planned for this day to go.

I hopped in the van and as it pulled away, I realized I hadn't...

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Why You Have to Stop in Ayutthaya on Route to Chiang Mai

Guys, I did it. I conquered public Thailand. Well, conquered might be an overstatement. What I should say is, I made it to the town (or city?) I wanted to go to without getting lost! #goals

I feel like I'm walking on water here. This might be attributed to my somewhat delusional state. Due to snoring, someone with a cough, and about 3 alarm clocks, I didn't get much sleep. Add to that the 95 degree weather I've been walking 10 miles a day in, and my dehydration...

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