Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes – 18 Day Itinerary

18 Day Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake Trek Itinerary

I decided to do the Everest Base Camp Trek with a tour group since I was an inexperienced trekker. Previously, I'd only done three day treks at most, so an eighteen day trek was beyond my level of expertise. Add in the fact that I'd be in a third world country with a danger of altitude sickness, and I was way out of my element. Having done the trek and completed it, I thought it'd be helpful to share the itinerary with others who may want to try it on their own.

Our group of ten was able...

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Experiencing the Tallest, Longest, and Steepest Zipline in the World

At 6,000 feet long, with a 2,000 foot vertical drop, and a speed of 75 miles per hour, this zipline sounds absolutely terrifying, or thrilling depending on how you look at it. Going ziplining has been on my bucket list for the longest time. When it came down to it though, I decided to go paragliding instead. For $80 I could paraglide for a half hour, and ziplining cost $68 for a mere two minutes. As a budget traveler, it was an easy choice. The thing is, paragliding wasn't as thrilling as I...

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How Much to Budget for Food on the Everest Base Camp Trek

How much to budget for food on the Gokyo Lake Everest Base Camp Trek

Before leaving for Everest, I had so many questions. One of the big ones was how much money to bring. Although there is an ATM in Namche Bazaar, it's nearly impossible to get money out once leaving Kathmandu. I didn't want to carry too much, and I definitely didn't want to run out too early. My tour agency recommended I bring $600 for food which seemed pretty steep to me. I'd spent only $800 the entire month I spent in Nepal including accommodations and tourism. Note, that I did the Gokyo...

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The Pros and Cons of Booking with a Tour Group

When I first set out on my yearlong adventure, I would have done anything to join a tour group. Unfortunately for me, the costs of tour groups were too high. I could either do a year of solo travel and figure things out on my own or two months with a company. The idea of solo travel scared me initially, but the more research I did, the more confident I became. Once I was on the road, I was happy that I’d chosen to do things on my own. I’ve learned to go with the flow and adapt, and...

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Trekking to Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lake

What it's like trekking to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake

When I set out on my trek, I thought it would change me. Trekking to Everest Base Camp sounds so impressive that I was sure I’d have some kind of epiphany in the middle of the Himalaya. It was a sure thing. Is there any better place to find yourself then at the bottom of the top of the world? Everest isn’t just a mountain. It’s THE Mountain. But the truth is, I didn’t have an epiphany. I didn’t have an eye opening moment. In fact, I came back feeling basically the same. I know,...

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Spending Three Days & Two Nights in a Third World Hospital

Three Days and Two Nights in a Third World Hospital in Nepal

As soon as we enter the hospital, everything is a mad dash. I give them my first name and my age. That’s it. It’s all they need to know. The dim hallways feel intimidating. Dirty footprints appear on the wet floors as soon as a woman finishes mopping them, undoing her hard work. The doctors office has a piece of fabric in lieu of a door, and as we enter, someone comes in behind us. Privacy doesn’t exist here. The doctor asks me two questions, and before I can even finish answering, he...

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Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lake Packing List

Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lake Trek Packing List

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is daunting to say the least. Every time I thought about what to pack, I felt overwhelmed. While the company I went with provided a list, I also did extensive research online to ensure I didn't forget anything. Since I was coming from tropical countries, I couldn't bring any gear with me and had to buy everything in Kathmandu. Lucky for me, it's a haven of knock off trekking gear at reasonable prices. I ended up getting everything from three different locations...

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Flying into the Most Dangerous Airport in the World

What it's like flying into the most dangerous airport in the world - Lukla, Nepal

My stomach is tense, and I can't stop tapping my foot on the floor. A nervous tick. We're already running an hour late as we pull up to the airport because someone in our group had ATM trouble in the morning. As we exit the van, I can see Lalit (our guide) sprinting across the parking lot. Before I know it, we’re all running frantically behind him praying we haven’t missed our flight. Our group of ten rushes into the entrance and blasts through what is considered security. After pushing...

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Visiting Nepal? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Visiting Nepal? Here's Everything You Need To Know - Customs, Culture, Weather, Safety

Nepal has quickly become one of my favorite countries I've ever been to. Whether it's the jaw dropping views or the hospitality of the locals, this country has tons of reasons to visit. Before I came, it was one of the countries I did the least amount of research on. Below are some of the things you need to know before coming, plus some helpful tips once you're there.

Before you go...

Travel Document Requirements

  • Passport - required
  • ...

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Celebrating Tihar in Tangting Village and Pokhara, Nepal

Tihar Festival Pokhara Nepal

One of the best parts of traveling is learning about other cultures. After spending a month in Bali and seeing the daily Hindu rituals performed there, I was excited to experience Tihar (a Nepali Hindu festival). My friend, Kalu, thought it would be fun for me to see the difference between celebrating in a small village and in the city. We spent half of the festival in the mountains in Tangting which you can read about here. The other half, we spent in the city of Pokhara.

Tihar is a five...

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