6 Exotic Massages & Spa Treatments to Try in Southeast Asia

exotic massages and spa treatments to try in southeast asia

Coming from New York City, massages are a bit of a luxury. A cheap massage where I used to live cost about $60 an hour. A good massage could run up to $300 for the same amount of time. They're so expensive that it's hard to experiment and try new things because no one wants to pay that much for a bad massage.

Southeast Asia however, is a mecca for spas. Oh, and did I mention that an hour will only run you about $10 in most countries. I guess you can kind of do the math and see why I...

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12 Things To Do and See in Munnar, India

12 things to do and see in munnar india

If there's one thing I've learned about travel advice, it's that you should listen to everything but still form your own decisions. For instance, one backpacker told me Munnar, India was just another city. Another told me they went on a day trip, and there's really no reason to stay longer than that because there's nothing to do. My boyfriend and I had already booked a hotel for a week, but I was confident that there was a ton to do and see in Munnar. I was in no rush to see it all in one...

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16 Things to do in Kochi, India

things to do in kochi india

Kochi, a small city on the coast of southern India goes overlooked on most itineraries. Although a popular hub for northerners, it's not often visited by foreigners who prefer to see monuments like the Taj Mahal in the north. Those who do venture south often find themselves in larger cities like Goa. Fort Cochin, however, is worth a visit for a few days. After spending over two weeks there, we got the lay of the land and even repeated Uber drivers (a sure sign you've seen it all). So what...

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Taking an Indian Cooking Class in Kochi, India

There’s something poetic about sitting down to a great meal. The aroma of spices wafting through the air. The bright colors on the plate before you. The only thing better than eating a wonderful meal, is the satisfaction you get from knowing you cooked it.

After researching several cooking classes online, I decided to call Flavor Cooking Class, which is located in the Casa Linda Hotel in Fort Cochin. We arrived at a somewhat deserted hotel at 11:00 am sharp and let ourselves into the...

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What Everybody Ought to Know Before Visiting India

I did a lot of research on India prior to arriving, however my personal experiences are only from a small area in southern India. Northern India may be drastically different as far as the information provided below.

Before you go...

Travel Document Requirements

  • Passport - required
  • Visa for Business - required
  • Visa for Tourism - required (read more about how to acquire a tourist visa here)
  • ...

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High Tea: Learning the Art of Tea Making in Munnar, India

Visiting India is like entering Wonderland and falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly, you’re in a world where nothing makes sense and everyone talks in riddles. Up is down. Down is up, and a head bobble can mean anything. If India is in fact Wonderland, then Munnar is its tea party.

I’d been having a constant struggle with India. You can read about it here (trying to get to a Tiger Reserve) and here (being hustled for more money). For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how...

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How NOT to see the Periyar Tiger Reserve in India

My relationship with India has been strained to say the least. Each country has it’s own version of order or way things work. Usually it takes a few days to adjust and understand a country. As far as I can tell, India has no logic, rhyme, or reason. I’ve been here for over two weeks and still, I feel at a total loss. Even the locals seem totally baffled by simple questions.


“We would like to go on the boat safari in Periyar Tiger Reserve.” That statement was met with a...

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Book Review: Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald

holy cow an indian adventure

I’ve had Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald on my mile long list of books to read for what feels like forever. For some reason, every time I read the blurb about it, I felt disinterested. A girl goes to India, hates it, and is forced to move there with her boyfriend. Frankly, it sounded like a couple hundred pages of “I hate this, and this, and this, and India sucks.” I’m glad I finally put my initial impression aside and gave it a go because this book...

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Learning the Ropes: The Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin, India

I was hit with the distinct smell of fish that had been sitting in the sun too long as the ocean breeze whipped across my face. Combined with the shade from the canopy of trees above me, I almost remembered what it felt like to be cool. It was the first time since I arrived in India that the heat didn't hit me like a brick wall.

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Which Travel Vaccines to get for Southeast Asia

I'd like to start by stating that I am by no means a doctor in any way shape or form but thought it might be helpful to provide some info on which travel vaccines I decided to get for a year long trip to 10 countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam). I chose the vaccines mentioned below based on my past vaccine history, research done on the CDC website, and consulting my doctor. Each person is...

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