What to do when you find yourself in Essen, Germany

Whenever I meet someone from Germany, I always mention that I've visited there. Of course, they ask "What part?" and my answer is "Essen!" The next logical question is a confused, "Why?" How did I end up in Essen, a small city not found on many travel itineraries? I was there for a board game convention. Yup, you read that right.

Most of my travels thus far have actually revolved around book fairs due to my boyfriends profession, but this time we mixed it up and went to a board game...

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16 Things You Don’t Know About Europe Until You Get There

Although I love writing about New York, I thought it’d be fun to share some advice from my past travels. Let me start by saying that I’m definitely no expert when it comes to places outside of New York State. I have visited Europe several times over the last few years, and in honor of those visits I thought it’d be fun to share all of the things I learned upon my arrival in foreign countries. Or rather all of the ridiculous mistakes I made when I first arrived. Trust me there were a...

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