Learning the Art of Making Momos in Pokhara, Nepal

momos cooking class pokhara nepal

Momos seem to be synonymous with Nepal. It was the one thing I heard consistently every time I did research or told someone what country I was visiting. "Eat all the momos," they said. I knew they were a form of dumpling, but I wasn't really sure what made them so special. I arrived in Kathmandu on the last day of Dashain (a major festival) when everything was closed. Only super touristy restaurants were open, so I hopped into a place and ordered the momos. Like most hyped up things, they...

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The Best Restaurants in Nusa Lembongan on a Budget

Best Restaurants in Nusa Lembongan on a Budget

My mom and I decided to visit Nusa Lembongan after looking at a map of Bali for hours. We originally confused the small island with one of the Gili’s, but once we realized it was a different place we began to do some research. There was little information out there about the island since it’s an up and coming tourist destination, but the pictures we found were enough to have us sold.

We really had no idea what we would find in the way of restaurants when we got here, but I can tell...

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Taking a Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud

Taking a Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

If you follow my blog, then you know that I like to take a cooking class in every country I visit. Truth is, I’m a terrible cook. The great thing about cooking for friends back home is that they have no idea if you’ve messed up because they have no idea what it’s supposed to taste like. This has given me a little more confidence in the kitchen. I can honestly say most of my friends and family don’t know what Balinese food is. In fact, I’m not sure I even know.

From what I...

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Visiting Bali GEO Coffee Plantation in Ubud


The second someone mentioned a coffee plantation in Bali, I knew I’d be going. I’d previously had a blast learning everything there was to know about tea in India, so I would not pass up a chance to learn about my other favorite beverage.

We arrived at Bali GEO where we were greeted by a woman who walked us up a small path while pointing out a few of the plants. This was similar to the spice tour I went on in India, which I found a little underwhelming. Soon we arrived at a cage with...

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Taking a Khmer Cooking Class in Phnom Penh

I think it's good to challenge ourselves every day. For me, cooking is always a challenge, so taking a class in each country I visit is always interesting. I wasn't really sure what Khmer (Cambodian) food was before I got here. Even after being here for a couple of weeks, I'm not entirely sure I understand authentic Khmer food. As far as I can tell, it's got noodles like Thailand, fried rice like China, and soups like Vietnam. It seems to be a wonderful mix of the surrounding...

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Trying Weird & Exotic Foods in Siem Reap

weird foods in cambodia

Cambodia is like a mecca of weird foods. It's the only place I've ever been where crickets and tarantula make it onto the menu. I've had a lot of people ask me "why?" Why try these very weird delicacies? For starters, I have a when in Rome policy. I like to experience the world the way the locals do. Sometimes that means trekking through the fields of Myanmar until there is no cell service. Sometimes it means sitting in silence for 10 days with monks. Other times, it means eating a giant...

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What to Eat in Singapore as Recommended by Locals

what to eat in singapore food

I love trying new foods in different countries, but there is always that question in the back of my mind that sounds a little something like, "Will this food make me want to die later?" My experience in Asia has mostly been in the third world and therefore, experiencing the culture can sometimes come with a price. For months I ordered food with extreme caution. The beautiful thing about Singapore is that you rarely have to worry! You can eat all of the exotic food you want. You can order...

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Taking an Indian Cooking Class in Kochi, India

There’s something poetic about sitting down to a great meal. The aroma of spices wafting through the air. The bright colors on the plate before you. The only thing better than eating a wonderful meal, is the satisfaction you get from knowing you cooked it.

After researching several cooking classes online, I decided to call Flavor Cooking Class, which is located in the Casa Linda Hotel in Fort Cochin. We arrived at a somewhat deserted hotel at 11:00 am sharp and let ourselves into the...

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High Tea: Learning the Art of Tea Making in Munnar, India

Visiting India is like entering Wonderland and falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly, you’re in a world where nothing makes sense and everyone talks in riddles. Up is down. Down is up, and a head bobble can mean anything. If India is in fact Wonderland, then Munnar is its tea party.

I’d been having a constant struggle with India. You can read about it here (trying to get to a Tiger Reserve) and here (being hustled for more money). For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how...

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Taking a Burmese Cooking Class in Myanmar

My quest of learning to cook continues, and this week it's Burmese food on the menu! I have to be honest, I didn't actually know what Burmese food was until I got to Myanmar. Even then, it took the whole month before I really felt like I had a grasp on it. The easiest way to describe it is a mix between Chinese and Indian food. The common dishes include curries, tea leaf salad, rice, and noodles. Some of the major ingredients are pumpkin, eggplant, peanuts, ginger, and garlic.


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