A Blizzard in the Desert: My Visit to the Grand Canyon

Last January, I went to a desert for the very first time. After returning home from a week-long vacation in Phoenix, Arizona everyone’s first question was, “How was your trip?” All I could do was laugh and say, “It was interesting.” To be honest, it seemed like a complete dud, but one year later my boyfriend and I are able to laugh at our terrible timing. The plan was to spend three days and two nights at the Grand Canyon, but things didn’t go quite the way we planned.


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9 Unique Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

This week I had the pleasure of exploring Phoenix, Arizona. It's currently the sixth largest city in the United States, which you wouldn't know from looking at it. Everything is so spread out that it actually feels like a small town. Not to mention, the people are some of the nicest I've ever met. How often do you go on vacation and become a "regular" in a cafe? In Phoenix, it's possible. Here's a list of the things I loved doing in this adorable city.

1.)  MacDonald's...

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