Learning Muay Thai aka Kicking People with My Shins

I'm officially making my mom proud by taking a class where I learn to kick some booty. I think the proper term would be "self defense", but that doesn't sound nearly as fun. Learning Muay Thai is probably one of the best workouts and therapy anyone could ask for. This form of martial arts originated in the 16th century during battles. One particular fighter was so great, that when he was captured they offered to let him fight for his freedom. After winning, he became famous and the style of...

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Taking an Indian Cooking Class in Kochi, India

There’s something poetic about sitting down to a great meal. The aroma of spices wafting through the air. The bright colors on the plate before you. The only thing better than eating a wonderful meal, is the satisfaction you get from knowing you cooked it.

After researching several cooking classes online, I decided to call Flavor Cooking Class, which is located in the Casa Linda Hotel in Fort Cochin. We arrived at a somewhat deserted hotel at 11:00 am sharp and let ourselves into the...

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Learning the Ropes: The Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin, India

I was hit with the distinct smell of fish that had been sitting in the sun too long as the ocean breeze whipped across my face. Combined with the shade from the canopy of trees above me, I almost remembered what it felt like to be cool. It was the first time since I arrived in India that the heat didn't hit me like a brick wall.

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Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar

I had read about a trek in Myanmar from Kalaw to Inle Lake while doing research. For some reason the idea of walking three days was not as appealing as taking a bus for a few hours, so I decided not to include it in my plans. After asking several people what their favorite part of their Myanmar trip was, the scale was leaning heavily in the direction of the Kalaw trek so, it made sense to experience it for myself.

The weird thing is, I really had no idea what the trek entailed. I...

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Exploring Thailands Second Longest Cave

My time in Pai has been, well, interesting. Arriving here is like stepping back in time. Women with dreads, kombucha on tap, and an array of vibrant color packed stores. In a country known for its modesty, the rules don't seem to apply here as westerners walk around in swimsuits, and oddly, the locals don't look appalled. Probably because the only locals here are business owners. It's as if I've entered California in the 70's or maybe Colorado in present times. My hostel is across from the...

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Taking a Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

If you know me, you're probably already laughing at the title of this post. Let's get this part out of the way first... No, I didn't burn anything, and yes, it was edible (mostly). Before setting out on my trip, I decided it would be fun to try to take a cooking class in each country I visit. Learning about other cultures is a privilege, and I think the number one thing people think of with other cultures is food. It's something easy for us to experience and accessible in other parts of the...

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Walking with Elephants at Elephant Nature Park

My day started out in a blur. I'd mixed up my schedule, didn't set my alarm, and was barely moving around the room when the elephant tour came to pick me up. I sprinted out the door hair undone, teeth unbrushed, and shoes slipped on my feet in a rush. I did manage to grab a croissant on my way out the lobby, but there wasn't enough time for the fresh jam next to it. This was not how I'd planned for this day to go.

I hopped in the van and as it pulled away, I realized I hadn't...

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Conquering an Aerial Adventure Ropes Course

Have you ever seen someone do something and they make it look so easy that you’re absolutely convinced that you could do it too, only to find out later that what they were doing was insanely hard? That pretty much sums up my Saturday. After watching one too many episodes of American Ninja Warrior, I thought, “Hey, I bet I could do that.” I didn’t think I could do it as fast or as gracefully, (I’m not that cocky) but I did think it would be fun to try. I convinced my sister,...

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Stepping Back in Time at The Jazz Age Lawn Party

It was an average sweltering hot day in New York City. The streets were filled with girls wearing short shorts, and the pungent smell of garbage waiting to be picked up filled the air. It was the kind of day where nothing spectacular happens. Unless, you found yourself on Governors Island in which case it was an average sweltering hot day in 1920.

A quick ten minute ride outside of Manhattan and 100 years back in time, and you found yourself at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. One minute you...

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Dining in the Dark at Camaje in NYC

I shuffled my hands around the table as I heard metal hitting glass all around me. A sound that normally goes unnoticed in a restaurant, but was now one of the most prevalent sounds in the room. My right hand stumbled over the silverware as I tried to distinguish which was the fork. I began to aimlessly stab my plate like a barbarian until I felt tension against my utensil. The room filled with laughter as the slightly rowdy crowd attempted to decipher what was in front of them, or rather...

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