How Much it Costs to Spend a Month in Bali, Indonesia

How much it cost to spend a month in Bali Indonesia- Budget

Usually, my months are filled with cheap hostels and street food, but this month I was traveling a little differently. I convinced my mom to come visit me in Bali for a much needed month long vacation. Since we'd be traveling together, we chose to stay in homestays and eat at restaurants. Even with the changes, I wanted to stay on a $30 a day budget. I've done a breakdown below of what we each spent over the course of 27 days (just under a month).

My Itinerary

7 nights in...

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How Much to Budget for Food on the Everest Base Camp Trek

How much to budget for food on the Gokyo Lake Everest Base Camp Trek

Before leaving for Everest, I had so many questions. One of the big ones was how much money to bring. Although there is an ATM in Namche Bazaar, it's nearly impossible to get money out once leaving Kathmandu. I didn't want to carry too much, and I definitely didn't want to run out too early. My tour agency recommended I bring $600 for food which seemed pretty steep to me. I'd spent only $800 the entire month I spent in Nepal including accommodations and tourism. Note, that I did the Gokyo...

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How Much it Costs to Spend a Month in Nepal

Orange Farm Pokhara Nepal Overnight Camping Trek

Nepal was one of the few countries I didn't do research on before arriving. Most of my focus was on my Everest Base Camp Trek, which I'll write about in another post, but exploring the rest of the country was kind of a surprise. I had no idea how much anything would cost. Before my trek, I spent one month sightseeing in other parts of the country. Below is a breakdown of what I spent.

My Itinerary

With no set schedule, my itinerary for Nepal looks like a bit of a mess. I ended...

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How Much it Costs to Backpack in Southern Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries where it's super easy for me to live on a $30 a day budget. In January, I spent 18 days in Northern Thailand (budget- here), but I knew I wanted to go back and explore the south. This time I stayed for just under 4 weeks (27 days), and managed to stay well under budget. A big factor in that was attending an 11 day silent retreat which cost only $60 including all food and accommodations.

My Itinerary

1 night in Surat Thani - Since I...

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When, Where, and How to Negotiate in Southeast Asia

Every once in awhile, I realize I have a skill that I didn't know was unique. I grew up with parents who owned an antique business, and I was going to flea markets before I could walk. Negotiating is something I was exposed to at a very young age. As I got older, I'd go to antique shows with my dad as my summer job. After years of training, negotiating is about as easy as breathing air. It wasn't until I met a really sweet girl, Laurene, that I realized this is a skill not everyone has. She...

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How Much it Costs to Backpack in Cambodia

angkor wat siem reap

If you're coming from a western country, you'll think Cambodia is cheap. However, if you're coming from another country in Southeast Asia, you'll find it surprisingly expensive. While beautiful hotels are super cheap, food and tourism is on the pricey side. I started with a budget of $30 a day, but ended up going over constantly. So, how much did I spend over 18 days in Cambodia? Check it out below...

My Itinerary

4 nights in Siem Reap - Siem Reap is not that...

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How Much it Costs to Backpack in Singapore

singapore supertrees

It seems like everyone has different opinions on what it costs to travel in different countries. While I'm usually really good at staying on a budget, I didn't do so great in Singapore. In most of Southeast Asia, I've budgeted for $30 a day including everything. I knew Singapore would be more, so I set aside $50 a day. To be honest, this is probably doable, but I spent closer to $60 a day.

I'm going to attribute this to a few things. The biggest reason was that no one in my hostel spoke...

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How Much it Costs to Backpack in Northern Thailand

How much it costs to travel in Northern Thailand - Backpacking Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Bangkok

I’ve read so many blogs about what it costs to spend a day in Thailand. Some said $10 while others said $50 and I couldn’t really decide where that left me. How much should I budget? Where do I even start? Everyone has different spending habits and the person spending $50 a day seemed extravagant while the person claiming to spend $10 seemed a little out of my comfort zone.

I knew that once I traveled I wanted to write a really in-depth post about how much everything cost so that...

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Myanmar?

I'd heard time and time again that it's more expensive to travel in Myanmar than most countries in South East Asia. Truth is, it is and it isn't. Cities like Bagan, that thrive off of tourism, are expensive. My hostel there cost $26.00, almost twice the price of any other hostel I've stayed in thus far. But things balance out. In Yangon, I'd eat a feast for under $2.00. In the end, I almost stayed on budget. I spent an average of $32.36 a day which came in slightly over my $30.00 a day...

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How I Saved $15,000 to Travel for a Year in Southeast Asia

How I saved $15,000 in one year to backpack through Southeast Asia

One of the first questions I seem to get asked these days is, "How are you going to afford to travel through Southeast Asia for a year?" People seem absolutely baffled by the idea. I wasn't born rich. I don't have a trust fund.

That being said, I have had really fortunate circumstances over the last several years. I scored a well paying job right after graduation, and was able to pay off my debts (for state college) while living in my uncle's apartment for a year. I was also fortunate...

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