How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Myanmar?

I'd heard time and time again that it's more expensive to travel in Myanmar than most countries in South East Asia. Truth is, it is and it isn't. Cities like Bagan, that thrive off of tourism, are expensive. My hostel there cost $26.00, almost twice the price of any other hostel I've stayed in thus far. But things balance out. In Yangon, I'd eat a feast for under $2.00. In the end, I almost stayed on budget. I spent an average of $32.36 a day which came in slightly over my $30.00 a day...

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How I Saved $15,000 to Travel for a Year in Southeast Asia

How I saved $15,000 in one year to backpack through Southeast Asia

One of the first questions I seem to get asked these days is, "How are you going to afford to travel through Southeast Asia for a year?" People seem absolutely baffled by the idea. I wasn't born rich. I don't have a trust fund.

That being said, I have had really fortunate circumstances over the last several years. I scored a well paying job right after graduation, and was able to pay off my debts (for state college) while living in my uncle's apartment for a year. I was also fortunate...

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