Beware of Alligators: Visiting Brookgreen Gardens in SC

I recently visited my sister in Myrtle Beach. I’d seen her photos of Brookgreen Gardens and was immediately convinced that I wanted to visit this beautiful old plantation. I’ll be posting more about Myrtle Beach in the next month or two since I’ll be staying there for a month before my big trip, but for now I wanted to share these gorgeous photos with everyone.


Brookgreen Gardens is one of the most photogenic places I’ve seen in Myrtle Beach thus far. It’s full of beautiful old trees covered in Spanish moss and gardens surrounding fountains with statues. It’s nothing short of magical.



We started with the zoo portion which is very spread out. The areas are labeled as their natural habitats and you can see why. Some of the enclosed areas are so large that you’re lucky if you see the animals at all. The running joke of the day was how there may be alligators and poisonous snakes in the area. At one point, I stepped off onto the grass to take a photo and heard a rustling behind me. I jumped so high and my heart was pounding because I was sure I was about to be alligator lunch. It was a false alarm.



Next we went through the sculpture garden which was insanely beautiful. It’s the sort of place you see in southern bridal magazines. The grounds are so well kept and every turn is a new photo opportunity.




Last, we went through a walk in the marsh. Again, the alligator signs were displayed prominently. Although beautiful, I probably would have skipped this section if I was to go again. I know there were a ton of areas we didn’t even get to, so I’m excited to go back and explore further.


Any suggestions on things to do in Myrtle Beach? I’ll be there for a whole month and would love any tips!

Exploring Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach South Carolina - plantation tour

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